The untrained quite often go through pages of lists never realizing their company's product is most relevant to just a few industry SIC Codes.

Pre-qualified Leads

Supercharge Your Sales Efforts With Prequalified Leads

You need sales today, which is why we developed this program. We will contact your prospects, describe the benefits of your products and services, qualify them, and send all fresh leads to you daily. You also receive a daily summary report, and can listen to actual call recordings.

You need sales in the years to come, which is why we offer prospects without an immediate need an onsite or online review. That way when they do have a problem, you will be the person they call. Why will they call? Because your contact method and offerings impressed them.

The Old Way...
You make 100 calls to reach 90 voicemails to talk to 10 prospects to get 9 rejections and one lead… if you are lucky.
The Direct Connections Way...
Your fresh leads are waiting for you daily.
You have a pipeline of prospects who will call YOU when they need service or a new system.

Better tracking is one additional layer of service Direct Connections provides to ensure better results

  • Reviewed every day by your Account Executive, this Client Summary Report shows how each campaign is performing.
  • Determining corrective actions sooner helps each campaign achieve desired outcomes.
  • Telemarketing works

    • Reaching potential business/commercial customers by telephone is effective, but in today’s competitive market it is sometimes worth while to invest in cross channel marketing to improve results.

    Cross Channel Marketing works better
    • Sending a postcard, letter, or even an email prior to or immediately after calling a prospect can be an effective way to improve results.

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    *Your results will vary by project.